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Do One Thing for Cultural Diversity

May 9, 2015 by Su Bin Park


In 1990, Professor William Rees defined  “ecological footprint” as a way to measure the impact of human actions on the environment and on planet earth’s bio-diversity.

Nowadays, these issues are addressed by public policies in many fields to ensure our ecosystem has the capacity to regenerate the necessary resources for the continuity of life.

Howevever, do we treat biological diversity equally as cultural diversity?
Even though, UN states cultural diversity and biodiversity are equally important in achieving sustainable development, the importance of Cultural diversity isn’t recognized.

According to live, cultural diversity is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people defined by everything from language, religion, celebrations, arts, cuisine, and more. But cultural diversity is more than that, it is what enriches our human civilization, and makes each of us special for being different.

Yet, this very quality is in danger, because many of us tend to look at different cultures with prejudice and stereotypes. This is a huge problem, as respect for each other’s cultural values is an intrinsic part of cultural diversity. Currently, 3/4 of world’s major conflicts have a cultural dimension, meaning that your prejudices can snowball into huge violent conflicts.

So what can you do to save cultural diversity?

It is simple, just simply respect and tolerate the differences that exist within our species.

Is this enough?

Well actually We need to take one step further by appreciating, celebrating, and embracing the rich dimensions of cultural diversity contained within our community. In simple words, follow these 10 simple steps to blossom cultural diversity.

    1.    Visit an art exhibit or a museum dedicated to other cultures
    2.    Play a sport related to a different culture (Karate, Criquet, Pétanque…)

    3.    Lean about another religion
    4.    Plan an international movie night
    5.    Invite a friend over and cook traditional food
    6.    Learn about traditional celebrations from other cultures
    7.    Learn another language
    8.    Listen to a musical tradition from a different culture
    9.    Volunteer with an organization working for diversity and inclusion
    10.    Spread the word around you, family, friends and invite people from a different culture to share your customs.

By learning to recognize our similarities and appreciate our differences, together we can overcome prejudice and contribute to the common good of a more humane and peaceful world!

Celebrate Cultural diversity, the most universal quality in the world!


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